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Tom Harder, CFA

Senior Vice-President, Mortgage Investments

Mortgage Investments portfolio management

Career began: 2002
At Greystone: 2007

Previous experience:
Assistant Manager, Mortgage Investments, Great-West Life Assurance Company; Analyst, Montrose Mortgage Corporation

B.Comm. (Hons), University of Manitoba; Chartered Financial Analyst

Location: Winnipeg

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The Greystone Mortgage Fund provides flexible and customized solutions in a quick and timely manner. The same team originates and manages mortgages, and provides high-quality service to borrowers through the entire term.

Tom Harder, CFA
Senior Vice-President, Mortgage Investments

Why Greystone

Since 1988, Greystone has proven the ability to provide clients with stable income from a diversified mortgage portfolio. In addition, as the Mortgage Fund is managed by our integrated real estate and mortgages team, Greystone adds value for its mortgage clients by deeply understanding the properties that secure the mortgages, which enables us to underwrite and structure the loans advantageously for our clients. In addition, we use multiple loan types to enhance yield and manage duration and return all placement fees to the fund as additional income for our clients.


Predictable, stable income and principal repayment.

We focus on commercial mortgage investments that provide predictable and stable income and principal repayment. We believe this stability derives from the quality of the underlying real estate, the strength, both financial and managerial, of the borrower, and the strength and continuity of rent paid by tenants occupying the mortgaged property. We further believe thoughtful underwriting and multi-dimensional diversification are necessary to manage risk.


Greystone’s mortgage portfolio is built on a property-by-property basis using a carefully structured investment philosophy and process.

Starting with local and regional economic and market analyses, we create a model portfolio with a well-diversified asset mix to guide our mortgage origination and portfolio management process. The team analyzes each potential investment by examining the underlying real estate, the financial and managerial strengths of the borrower, and the financial strength of the tenants. Insights from our equity and fixed income teams assist in our analysis. For suitable opportunities, we structure the mortgage loan to provide attractive returns and protection for our clients. We actively manage the portfolio to keep cash to a minimum, adjust duration to reflect interest rate conditions, and ensure diversification by region, property type, loan type and borrower.



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