• Our Income & Growth Capabilities

Income & Growth

"Our Income & Growth strategies consist of Canadian, U.S., International, Global, and Chinese equities that offer reduced volatility, a predictable stream of income, and long-term capital appreciation.”

Robert L. Vanderhooft, CFA
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

Why Greystone

At Greystone, we believe that companies are better able to generate income if they are also growing. Consequently, our equity teams offer income-oriented investors a suite of Income & Growth funds intended to deliver higher income returns than the broad equity market as well as the potential for long-term capital appreciation. We offer five Income & Growth funds:

  • Canadian Equity Income & Growth Fund
  • U.S. Income & Growth Fund
  • International Income & Growth Fund
  • Global Income & Growth Fund
  • China Income & Growth Fund

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Long-term Performance

Superior long-term earnings support dividend growth and capital appreciation.

Generating Income

Generating a higher level of income helps in reducing portfolio volatility.

Concentrated Portfolios

Concentrated portfolios, suitably diversified, deliver the most impact.


To manage the Income & Growth funds, our equity teams utilize the Greystone bottom-up equity selection process using screening and fundamental qualitative analysis to create and manage concentrated portfolios generating predictable streams of income and having expected above-average growth rates.

Greystone Income & Growth Funds

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