Global Equity

"We believe a cohesive team that identifies companies with positive business momentum, high profitability and reasonable valuations can generate desired results for clients."

Jeff Tiefenbach, CFA
Chief Investment Officer, Public Equities

Why Greystone

Greystone’s cohesive global equity team constructs and maintains a concentrated portfolio of sustainably growing businesses, using a thoughtfully structured process to deliver long-term value for our clients. Using the regional strategies to construct a global equity selection pool, a blend of screening, fundamental business analysis, and team-based portfolio decision-making, the Greystone Global Equity team has earned appealing returns while carefully managing risk. Two variants of our process are available for clients to use depending on their investment objectives and risk appetites: our growth-oriented Global Equity Fund and our income-oriented Global Income & Growth Fund.


A company’s stock price reacts positively to growth in earnings and cash flow.

Indicators of sustainable earnings growth appear at the company level before they impact stock prices.

Concentrated portfolios, diversified across industries and geographic regions, deliver the most impact.


Our rigorous bottom-up selection process seeks out sustainable earnings growth characteristics and incorporates them into a concentrated portfolio of companies across industries and geographic regions. We use a three step investment process that includes the construction of a global equity selection pool from securities held in our regional portfolios; screening and fundamental analysis to identify the “best stock ideas;” and lastly, team vetting and decision-making. Our concentrated portfolios have high impact growth characteristics that apply regional, sector and single stock risk controls to ensure diversification. Our Global Equity mandate holds 50-80 names, while our Global Income & Growth mandate holds 45-55 names.

Greystone Global Equity Funds

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#1 Global Equity Fund*
Independent Perspective. Outstanding Results.

Inception date: May 2000. * The Greystone Global Equity Pooled Fund ranked #1 in Canada, having the best 4-year average annual return for the period ending 31 December 2015 among funds included in the © Mercer LLC Pooled Fund Survey for Canadian Institutional Investors. The information contained herein is not an offer to invest in units of the fund which are offered to institutional investors who qualify under applicable securities laws. The Global Equity Pooled Fund moved from a fund-of-fund managed strategy to a segregated security managed strategy on December 17, 2013. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and should not be relied on to make investment decisions. The Global Equity Pooled Fund returns include cash. Returns are in Canadian dollars net of custodial fee, audit fees, transfer agent fees and administrative expenses and gross of investment management fees.