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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018
1:00pm-1:45pm EST

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DC Decisions - What Matters Most for Your Plan Members Webinar

Some plan sponsor decisions are more consequential for members than others. Join Greystone for a thought provoking discussion on the impact and importance of key decisions that plan sponsors make in designing and implementing their DC programs.

In this presentation, we evaluate and rank the key decisions that plan sponsors make by quantifying how they impact plan members’ retirement success. Examples of decisions we will evaluate include:

  • Plan Design
    Should we increase the contribution rate? Should we implement auto-enrollment or auto-escalation?
  • Investment Structure
    Should we offer Target Date Funds as opposed to a single Balanced Fund or other stand-alone investment options?
  • Investment Selection
    What is the impact of active versus passive? What are the benefits to using plan or member-specific glide paths? Should we give our plan members access to the alternative asset classes that DB plans commonly use?

The results may surprise you!

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Jafer Naqvi, CFA

Vice-President, Fixed Income & Multi-Asset

Liaison between the Greystone Client Portfolio Management Team and firm clientele; member, Greystone Asset Strategy Team

Career began: 2004
At Greystone: 2012

Previous experience:
Vice-President, Product Specialist, PIMCO; Product Specialist and Consultant Relations, PIMCO; Senior Associate, PIMCO; Manager Research Consultant, Aon Hewitt; Investment Analyst, Aon Hewitt

BBA (Hons), Wilfrid Laurier University; Chartered Financial Analyst

Location: Toronto

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Nicole Lomax, CFA

Manager, Marketing Intelligence & Analytics

Marketing Intelligence and Analytics

Career began: 2011
At Greystone: 2014

BMath, University of Waterloo; Chartered Financial Analyst

Location: Toronto

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The Changing Landscape:
Infrastructure Investing for Canadian Institutional Investors Webinar

Infrastructure investing is evolving. Greystone Managed Investments Inc. is pleased to present a briefing on this dynamic subject.

Topics discussed:

  • Which market segments offer the most attractive investment opportunities
  • Which strategies can potentially enhance returns and which can mitigate risk
  • How fund structures are changing in response to investors’ needs
  • Current market conditions and opportunities to deploy capital

To request more information, email Incase you missed the session click on button below.

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Andrew Croll, CFA, CAIA

Vice-President, Alternative Investments

Client portfolio management, alternative investments

Career began: 2010
At Greystone: 2013

Previous experience:
Manager Researcher, Investment Consulting, Mercer Investments; Analyst, Investment Consulting, Aon Hewitt

B.Comm. (Hons), McMaster University; Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst; Chartered Financial Analyst

Location: Toronto

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Loren Gee, CFA, MBA

Vice-President, Institutional Relationships

306-779-6319 |

Institutional relationships

Career began: 1996
At Greystone: 2002

Previous experience:
Fidelity Funds; BMO Nesbitt-Burns

MBA, Administration and Finance, University of Memphis; BA, Economics, University of Saskatchewan;  Chartered Financial Analyst

Location: Regina

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Understanding Private Debt for Bond Portfolios Webinar

Join Greystone for a thought provoking discussion on the current Fixed Income landscape and the value of integrating Private Debt to help meet your investment objectives.

In this presentation we cover the primary fixed income yield sources:

  • Duration
  • Credit
  • Liquidity (Focusing on Private Debt)

We provide an overview of each of the factors, their relative value over time, and how they impact total portfolio risk. We break down the yield components associated with different types of private debt and how these premiums can be incorporated into your bond portfolio to help meet your long term investment objectives.

To request more information, email Incase you missed the session click on button below.

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