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China Income & Growth

"At Greystone, we believe that attractive yield and growth opportunities exist in the Chinese market. In addition, China A-shares historically have had low correlation with foreign stock markets, thereby providing investors with a compelling opportunity to improve the diversification of their portfolios."

Jeff Tiefenbach, CFA
Chief Investment Officer, Public Equities

"Through the China Income & Growth Fund, we look to add discipline in an often undisciplined market. The Fund, which seeks to enhance returns and control risks, provides investors direct investment in China’s A-share equity market through an actively managed and diversified portfolio of Chinese stocks."

Alfred Li, CFA, MBA, FRM
General Manager, Greater China
Vice-President & Co-Lead, International Equity

Why Greystone

Greystone’s public equities team constructs and maintains a diversified portfolio of Chinese common stocks (A-shares) to generate dividend income which Greystone believes is superior to that generally available in the Chinese domestic equity market and achieve long-term capital appreciation. The team uses the Greystone Income & Growth investment process that blends screening, fundamental business analysis and team-based portfolio decision-making, while carefully managing risk.

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MSCI will include China A-shares in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index
Since 2015, Greystone has been actively investing in China’s A-share market.

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Our public equities team believes in:

Combining global discipline with local knowledge

Selecting high quality growth companies

Proactively managing risk


We utilize a bottom-up approach to the Chinese markets to build and manage a portfolio of quality companies with satisfactory dividend yields, sustainable profitability and long-term business growth, which will produce dividend growth into the future. We combine our international expertise with direct access to Chinese market intelligence to generate insights in the A-shares market. Our screening identifies stocks with high-impact characteristics, while our fundamental qualitative analysis of the resulting investment candidates enables us to select the best ideas for future dividend growth. Our team-based decision-making process is applied and results in a 20-30 stock holding, equally-weighted portfolio of Chinese stocks generating attractive income and long-term capital appreciation for our clients.