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"We continually challenge ourselves to find catalysts for earnings growth that the consensus has missed, because we believe this will deliver superior results for our clients."

Himanshu Sharma, CFA, MBA
Senior Vice-President & Lead, Canadian Equity & Head of Fundamental Research, Public Equities

Why Greystone

Greystone’s cohesive public equities team constructs and maintains a concentrated portfolio of sustainably growing businesses, using a thoughtfully structured process to deliver long-term value for our clients . Using a proprietary blend of quantitative screening, fundamental business analysis and team-based portfolio decision-making, Greystone has earned appealing returns for our Canadian equity clients while carefully managing risk. Three variants of our process are available for clients to use depending on their investment objectives and risk appetites: our growth-oriented Canadian Equity Fund, our income-oriented Canadian Income & Growth Fund and the Greystone Canadian Equity Small Cap Fund which is focused on the higher growth opportunities offered by smaller companies.

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Our public equities team believes:

That stock prices respond to growth
in earnings in the long-term.

In building portfolios one stock at a time using a bottom-up approach.

In constructing a concentrated portfolio where every holding has a positive active weight.


Our public equities team utilizes a bottom-up equity selection process using quantitative screening and fundamental qualitative analysis to create and manage a concentrated portfolio of companies with sustainable long-term earnings growth prospects not fully recognized in the market. The result is a focused portfolio of stocks that meet our criteria for long-term sustainable growth.


Greystone Canadian Equity Funds

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