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"As the investment environment has become more complex, old paradigms have had to change. Pension plans, endowments and foundations striving to meet their funding and spending goals have recognized the need to incorporate alternative investments into their asset mix."

Jonathan Jacob
Senior Vice-President, Portfolio Risk Solutions

Why Greystone

Greystone was founded in 1988 by pension funds, for pension funds and like-minded investors. From the start, we have managed balanced portfolios and alternative asset classes. The Greystone Balanced Plus Fund brings together the full range of our expertise and our experience. This Fund offers a comprehensive portfolio strategy implemented with one manager, easing clients’ oversight burdens. We obtain additional yield enhancement and diversification through multiple fixed income strategies. We also include direct alternatives in the portfolio – through real estate, mortgages & infrastructure funds – for improved diversification, yield and risk-adjusted returns.

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Active asset management delivers
superior rates of return.

An asset’s ability to generate
income creates value.

Diversification, including the use of direct alternatives, reduces risk and enhances returns.


When building the Greystone Balanced Plus Fund portfolio, we use a disciplined three-point process:

  1. Starting with macroeconomics, monetary and fiscal policy, and global political trends, we review recent performance and forecast potential rates of return and volatility for each asset class.
  2. Based on this assessment, we design a target portfolio with the optimal asset mix to capture those rates of return, keeping the Fund’s risk objectives in mind.
  3. We then implement from the bottom-up, using public and proprietary research and a disciplined selection process for trading the individual securities and private alternative assets in the portfolio.

As active managers, we continually challenge our assumptions using experienced insight to interpret the latest economic and market trends.



Greystone Balanced Plus Fund

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