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"Our Greystone Asset Strategy team leverages the deep knowledge of the various asset team leads to construct an actively managed, multi-asset class portfolio of fixed income, domestic and foreign equities. A combination of top-down analysis, bottom-up selection and risk conscious construction is utilized to add value for our clients."

Robert L. Vanderhooft, CFA
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

Why Greystone

As Greystone was founded by several pension funds to manage their entire portfolios, multi-asset balanced portfolio management is a core expertise of the firm. We add value primarily through our rigorous, bottom-up security selection, but also through top-down asset allocation, which is also used as a risk-control tool. Our team approach and widespread employee ownership assure long-term consistency and continuity in our philosophy and processes.

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The Greystone Strategist
Equity markets continue to outperform fixed income and real assets in the current business cycle. Over the coming months, investors will be paying close attention to the upcoming French presidential election.

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Active asset management delivers
superior rates of return.

An asset’s ability to generate
income creates value.

Diversification reduces risk
and enhances returns.


When building a balanced portfolio, we use a disciplined three-point process:

  1. Starting with macroeconomics, monetary and fiscal policy, and global political trends, we review recent performance and forecast potential rates of return and volatility for each asset class.
  2. Based on this assessment, we design a target portfolio with the optimal asset mix to capture those rates of return, keeping the Fund’s risk objectives in mind.
  3. We then implement from the bottom-up, using public and proprietary research and a disciplined selection process for trading the individual securities in the portfolio.

Since we are active managers, we continually challenge our assumptions, using experienced insight to interpret the latest economic and market trends.


Greystone Balanced Fund

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