About Greystone

Welcome to Greystone Managed Investments Inc.

"We are an investment management firm, investing over $30 billion on behalf of pension funds, endowment funds, non-profit organizations, universities, unions and corporations across Canada."

We invite you to discover our three core strengths:

About Greystone

Greystone was founded in 1988. Headquartered in Regina, with additional offices in Toronto, Winnipeg and Hong Kong we are a privately owned firm, controlled by our employees.

We serve institutional clients across Canada and offer a full range of investment services, with in-house teams covering fixed income, Canadian equities, U.S. equities, international equities, infrastructure, and real estate and mortgages.

Our expertise is available through both segregated and pooled fund accounts.

Clients have responded to our investment philosophy and service orientation by making us one of Canada’s largest institutional money managers (Top 40 Money Manager’s Report, Benefits Canada November 2016, based on Canadian pension assets as at June 30, 2016).

Greystone’s over $30 billion of assets under management includes:

  • Large pension funds, insurance companies and corporations
  • Universities, charities, private foundations and trusts
  • Trade unions and workers' compensation programs
  • Third party platforms and sub-advisory relationships
Asset classes % Fund type % of assets
Balanced 2.03% Pension 66.15%
Canadian Equity 9.60% Insurance 18.84%
Canadian Income & Growth 3.80% Trust & Foundation 7.17%
Canadian Small Cap 0.79% Third Party Platform 4.58%
Fixed Income 34.81% Third Party Sub Advisor 2.93%
Infrastructure 0.19% Other Institutional 0.31%
International Equity 1.46%
Global Equity 0.05%
Mortgages 9.19%
Real Estate 36.56%
U.S. Equity 1.52%
Total 100% Total 100%
December 31
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
$25,472 $28,956 $31,973 $27,398 $32,206 $35,433 $33,613 $32,975 $32,994 $32,558 $31,097

Figures may be subject to rounding.